What Do Online Reviews Mean for Physicians?

In this modern world, the web can easily be accessed anytime and people use it in everything to educate themselves. Physicians are aware that in any business, online reviews matter. It is not easy to find a good and loyal customer and, when you find one, you want them not just to be your repeat-customer but a long-time customer that is always happy and satisfied with your products or services. 

Physicians value online reviews because of the following reasons: 

  1. It has a huge impact on the reputation of the business and on the Physician itself. You are informing them about your business and you as an individual. The products or services you offer, your availability, and expertise.
  2. Trust and good impressions earned on the side of your future customers. They do an online review check before they will engage with any of your services. Having high and positive reviews will help you to drive more sales.
  3. More visible on search engine results. Search engines like Google, Yelp, and other search engines improved your result rankings. The more you mentioned the more you will likely appear on the search results compared with others that are not receiving reviews very often.
  4. Increase your business revenue. Having positive reviews will give future customers the conclusion that you have excellent and satisfying customer service, and expertise that match their needs. Improving your star rating will bring good sales to your business.
  5. Social media site visibility. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest are the social media sites that can help you more to target your audience. You are helping them to get to know you better and your business. Make sure you have a professional profile picture and write significant words on your Bio. Be active in answering queries for your prospective customer and loyal customers.
  6. Free advertising.  It is one of the main parts of the customer’s decision-making process. Every online review they read is a recommendation to your business. You are helping them to decide to choose YOU over the other. It’s like, “What makes you better than the other Physician?” It is a compelling way of marketing and, yet it’s FREE because you are exposed to your reader.
  7. Helps you monitor customer’s feedback. This is helpful because it gives you the chance to improve your business reputation. If it is a negative review, you might want to message the client about his concerns for clarification. Misunderstanding happened, and you know what to improve or correct next time. 

The patient is most likely to share his experience and impression of the Physician, same with your team. He will write a general statement with regards to your services, professionalism, expertise, schedule, and location.

With Repudoc the above mentioned are possible and can be better. It will help you to boost your business with online reviews.

  • It lets you create a FREE review widget to send via text, email, or scanned via QR code
  • You can choose from 25+ review sites. Google, Yelp, Facebook, Vitals, Healthgrades, Tripadvisor, and many more.
  • You can monitor your progress using an analytics dashboard (PRO).

Having an online reputation management guide you to achieve your goals. 5-star results get more business and traffic and can contribute to your success and strengthen online credibility. 

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